Thank You, Veterans!

All gave some. Some gave all.

BDSI is proud to be a veteran-owned company. We are also proud of the veterans that work here. Veterans have a different mindset. We are mission-focused. We move with a purpose. We understand what it means to be a part of a working team. We know that all veterans are people that love their country enough that they were willing to stand and defend the country even if it put them in great peril.

In my case, I loved the Army. The people and the challenges helped shape me into who I am today. When I retired (after 20 years active) in 1998, I was the ripe old age of 38. I did not have a lot of pomp and circumstance in my retirement. Just a few friends and co-workers attended. I wrote this poem to try to put my thoughts into words.

MSG Michael Wayne Buzard
December 1998


Farewell to Soldiering

'Twas just before Christmas and now it existed
The Army was loosing a senior enlisted.

Time for another to leave soldiering behind
To become a civilian and broaden the mind.

Who will report and counsel and rate?
Assign all the duties and keep soldiers straight?

The gauntlet is laid at the feet of those here,
Pick it up if you dare, and lead without fear.

For Soldiers need leaders to train and prepare
God help you, and guide you, to try to be fair.

One goes and one rises, a tradition so smart
Lead them with passion, conviction, and heart.

In front you must be, in order to lead
If you hold yourself back, you are not the right breed.

Be proud you're a Soldier, on you we depend
Your country still needs you, to stand and defend.

Go now to your duty, I will bid you goodbye
I trust you will train, to standards real high.

For you know not the day nor the hour of life
When you and your soldiers may deal with strife.

Defend me tomorrow, a civilian I'll be
I've given my youth, to help keep us free.

As I hang up the boots to get on with my life
I must thank the Lord, all of you, and my wife.

Goodbye and God Bless, be the best you can be.
It is your selfless service that keeps America Free.

Captain Mary Jo

Captain Mary Jo (Jancuska) Buzard

Captain Jancuska served honorably as an Airborne Rigger and Fuel Supply Officer from 1984 to 1989. Duty stations included Fort Lee Va, Fort Knox Ky, Fort Bragg NC, and Goeppingen Germany. I am proud that I had the opportunity to serve my country. AIRBORNE! HOOAH!!

Mr. Paul Ressel

Corporal Paul Ressel

Corporal Paul Ressel was drafted into the Army in 1960. He completed training at Fort Riley Kansas that winter. Among other things, he learned how to march in the snow. He then went to Survey School in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Next, he deployed to Aschaffenburg, Germany, where he spent time surveying Germany for possible defensive gun emplacements. The tensions were high with Russia due to the escalation of the Cold War. Paul returned home in March of 1962.

Specialist Constance A. Williams

Specialist Constance A. Williams

"I am from a Raleigh, NC. I always knew that I wanted to go into the military. I joined in October of 1990 just prior to graduating high school. I served for 6 years in the North Carolina Army National Guard. I served in the 1/130th Aviation Battalion in Morrisville, North Carolina. My Military Occupational Specialist was 76C - 92A. (Supply for Aircraft). To all my fellow service members, Happy Veterans Day!"

Corporal. Bruce Aycock

Corporal. Bruce Aycock

Corporal Bruce W. Aycock was drafted into the United States Army in 1967 and completed Basic Training in Fort Gordon, Georgia. After Basic Training, Bruce attended AIT at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. His MOS was 05BC20 - Morse Code, Teletype Operator. His service after AIT was with 325th Signal at Fort Mead, Maryland. Bruce completed his military service in 1969.

Chief Petty Officer Larry Thomas

Chief Petty Officer Larry Thomas

Chief Petty Officer Larry Thomas Enlisted in the United States Navy in March of 1973. His first duty was Basic training at the Naval Training Center in Orlando, Florida. Following Basic, Larry was assigned to EWA School in Treasure Island, California. After EWA School graduation, his assignments included cruises in the Mediterranean Sea and Pacific. The platforms that Larry served on were Cruiser USS Yarnell, Destroyer LG USS Farragut, Submarine USS Fishback, and the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower.