BDSI Referrals

BDSI is limited to certain kinds of destruction with certain products that match up well with our existing methods. That being said, we would like very much to help companies with product destruction that does not match up well with our methods and capabilities.

We are often able to refer customers to the best solutions with companies that we do business with. These companies are not part of our company and act as separate contractors.

If you or your company would like to be considered for our referral program, please contact Mike Buzard or Deanna Clark in our Smithfield office. We believe that through valuable business relationships, we can both prosper and complete the mission of taking care of customer’s needs while steering them towards green solutions.

Once we refer a client to a company that matches up with their needs, that company is responsible to handle billing and all required documents and certifications of destruction. If your company has any concerns with the referral company, please let us know. Any complaints from referred customers will be taken into consideration when evaluating ongoing business relationships.

Any questions concerning BDSI Referrals should be communicated to Michael Buzard, CEO, BDSI, via e-mail to