Anonymous Reviews

Why Post Anonymous Reviews?

We want to show customers' reviews, but many companies don’t want to be known for destroying large amounts of product.

I mean in a perfect world, companies make such good products that it all gets drank, right?

So if you want to send us feedback, we will either post your feedback or try to adjust to better serve your needs.

If we post your feedback, we will post it anonymously to protect you and your company.


(Recycling Broker) told us that her customer had done business with us previously and preferred to work with our company because our process was easy to understand, we communicated well and everything went smoothly.

-Thanks! At BDSI we try to inform our customers and answer all of their questions. We also believe in quick responses and free quotes to customers. Coordinating shipments are simplified with no appointments necessary and minimal wait times to get unloaded.

(North Carolina Truck Driver) My boss asked me about this place, and I told him that this is the cleanest recycling place I have ever been in.
(North Carolina Company) Thank you so much! Y'all are a lifesaver.
(North Carolina Company) I feel with the costs associated (direct and indirect) dealing with expired product that BDSI has a value added service that My company can benefit from. I have an unintended cost of doing business and you have a tailored solution to address our needs.
(North Carolina Company) Our company is currently in need of your services. we were looking at hauling expired and damaged beverages out of state to be in compliance with corporate and county policy. When we add transportation costs and destruction costs, BDSI is the best option.

(Massachusetts Company) Can you accept 1801 cases of imported beer in glass?

-This was an important question because the customer wanted Customs Drawback without any re-use of alcohol for fuel. Customs did not allow any gain from the destruction. We were easily able to accommodate the customer because we do not re-purpose beverages into any other sellable product. In the future we hope to donate all liquids to a local digester.

(Truck Driver) Wow that unloading was fast. Thanks for letting me relax in your break area. Some customers will not even let me use the restroom.
(Large Beverage Distributor Admin) It was a great joy to work with Deanna and BDSI. Deanna provided me with so much guidance through the process and I would have been lost without her. You were so helpful to me.
(Large Broker) Our trucking company said that y'all have been very user-friendly (and we feel exactly the same) so thank you so much!