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From the Mountains to the Shore Let's Recycle More in 2024

We are not a Broker! We are an endpoint service. Join other companies in the beverage industry and maximize your warehouse space by letting us responsibly destroy unsellable consumer beverages and recycle their containers. We usually do not have a wait. We can work with you on any material that is a human consumable liquid, from water, electrolytes, energy drinks, and protein drinks to beer, wine, and liquor. We have been recognized as a leader in sustainability. If your company has difficulty with sustainability, we can help.

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Soda Can

We Empty Kegs

BDSI Rates to Receive Products

As of 1 June 2024, our Base price is $110 per pallet for destruction.

This price includes : All documents, Certificates of Destruction, Complete recycling, Wastewater fees, and Chemistry fees.

Three discounts are possible:

They are:

5% for payment on delivery
5% for high volume (10 or more tractor trailers)
10% for empty aluminum containers

Destruction projects quoted for free
10% charge for Saturday Delivery
Saturday Delivery must be scheduled

Other possible charges include:

Fallen pallets (on the truck) must be re-stacked
Product in Glass Containers
Pallet of product is leaking, Rancid or Moldy
Shrink wrap must be applied to remove pallet from the truck.
Mixed containers on one pallet
Hybrid containers (Aluminum glued to plastic)
Containers with corks or plastic sealed lids
Products in Cardboard with plastic bladders
Storage of pallets or Gaylords
Storage of shells
Pallets of material infested
Pallet stacked wrong or upside down
Containers Too big or too small to work in machinery
Delivery Trailer unsafe to use forklift inside
Gaylord of preforms
Gaylord of caps
Gaylord of Miscellaneous Recycling
Baled Recycling
Freeze Pops
Pallet under the product is destroyed
55 Gal Drums
Mini Kegs

Additional Pricing:

•  Keg Draining (please deliver with taps facing up) - $5.75
•  5 Gallon BIBS (Bag In Box Syrup) - $2.50 per BIB
•  3 Gallon BIBS - $2.00 per BIB
•  2.5 Gallon BIBS - $2.00 per BIB
•  1.2 Gallon BIBS - $2.00 per BIB
•  1 Gallon BIBS - $2.00 per BIB
•  5 Liter BIBS - $2.00 per BIB (1.321 Gal)
•  3 Liter BIBS - $2.00 per BIB ( .793 Gal)

We can provide Consulting Services (quoted separately)

We can destroy kegs if you wish (quoted separately)

We do not sterilize kegs at this time.

275 and 330 Gallon IBC Totes quoted individually

If you have questions about products please contact us.

BDSI is proud to recycle or reuse nearly 100% of all incoming products

BDSI Delivery Schedule

***We now accept Com Checks and Credit Cards for payment.***

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 Choose us for beverage waste management to free up space in your establishment.

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Learn about Beverage Destruction Service, Inc.

Beverage Destruction Service, Inc. in Smithfield, North Carolina, is a Veteran owned and operated company that offers convenient green solutions to the beverage industry. It is our goal to provide the best beverage destruction services on the US east coast.

The idea to start our company came to us after we learned from our friend who is prominent in the recycling industry that many landfills in our state do not take outdated or damaged consumer beverages. We saw this as an opportunity to serve the consumer beverage industry and to promote environmental consciousness at the same time. We see what we do as a way of fulfilling our duty to our county, the environment, and our fellow citizens.

Please partner with us in keeping unwanted beverages out of your establishments and our landfills. Check our online calendar and call us to schedule your delivery or get a quote. We are oriented toward accepting tractor-trailer loads but can accommodate most trucks. If the load is wrapped and palletized neatly, we should have a 53-foot tractor-trailer unloaded and on its way within 1 hour.

Unusable Liquid Containers

Reasons You Need Beverage Destruction:

• Outdated Full Beverages
• Damaged Full Beverages
• Incorrectly Filled Beverages
• Mislabeled Full Beverages
• Improperly Packaged Beverages
• Bad QA Full Beverages
• Broken Packaging
• Destruction of Empty Containers

Delivery Address

3175-B South Brightleaf Blvd
Smithfield, NC 27577


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

(919) 209-0902

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
After Hours Appointments Available

Delivery Address
3175-B South Brightleaf Blvd
Smithfield, NC 27577

Written Correspondence:
425 Ennis Road
Benson, NC 27504

Service Area
If You Can Get It Here We Can Process It.