Reducing Waste, Reclaiming Taxes, and Increasing Space

Free up space in your warehouse with the help of Beverage Destruction Service, Inc. We are a liquid product destruction and recycling center located in Smithfield, North Carolina. Our services are ideal for companies that are canning, bottling, warehousing, and distributing consumer beverages, such as beer, soda, water, and energy drinks. We can provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request at no additional cost.

The other questions are; do you want to spend your valuable manpower dumping out bad products and possibly taking a chance on fines for dumping it. Do you want the PR nightmare of someone in the media finding out that your company is not being a good steward of our environment?

We hope that you will choose to do the right thing and dispose of your products with a reputable company like us.

Where do the Beverages go?

Good Question
It does matter to some people where the liquid beverage goes. For instance, US Customs may NOT want the beverage to be repurposed if they are reimbursing Customs fees on imported products. That means the beverage might not be able to be used to make alcohol fuel. So if a vendor has that as part of their process, then it could be an issue. We currently pre-treat liquids and dispose of them through Johnston County North Carolina's Waste Water Treatment Plant or a local Digester. That means we have a pre-treatment license from Johnston County, and we have trained personnel that pre-treat prior to disposal into the county system. We are monitored by Johnston County, and our discharge is metered. So we CAN take Beverages that have US Customs reimbursements.


We are always open to monitoring by US Customs, TTB, Tax Agencies, and Local agencies.

Well-Equipped Company

We separate the beverage from the container and packaging. The liquid will be properly disposed of while the container and packaging will be recycled. We have a secure facility located very near Interstate 95 and close to Interstate 40 in Smithfield, North Carolina. We will unload your trucks promptly and efficiently and get your driver back on the road.

Competitive Rates

Save valuable time and money when you turn to us for beverage destruction solutions. For a competitive rate, we accept pallets of beverages as well as gay-lords, IBC Totes, and kegs for destruction. Please stack and wrap all pallets well so that they will not fall over in the truck. Please stack kegs with taps facing up. We will have your certificates of destruction ready for you in 10 working days.

If you have questions or need a quote please contact us at 919-209-0902.

  • Other liquid products that are human consumable can be quoted on request.

Your Time Matters to Us

Our team will unload your truck in a timely manner. Using our online calendar will help ensure that drivers are in and out quickly. Contact us today and free up space in your establishment.

Use Caution When Picking A Destruction Service

Every destruction service has costs that they have to contend with. Like any other business, they have to pay for Insurance, facilities, utilities, wages, and maintenance of equipment. So if a company is offering to complete your destruction at a wonderful price, you may want to ask yourself if they are really destroying your products. Sometimes people question our prices, but you do get what you pay for, and we are doing complete destruction and recycling of your products using a combination of human labor and machinery. If you take your products to a company that gives you a destruction document but ultimately never destroys your product, you may have short term savings, and long term problems.

Minimum Hassle to Go Green

No standing in a muddy landfill, trying to unload beverages in the rain without benefit of a proper dock. No waiting for a certain day and specific time to meet at the landfill to watch the beverages be destroyed by heavy equipment belching more fumes into the air. You just drop off your palletized expired and damaged beverages and drive away, knowing that none of the material will end up in a landfill, and your company is doing its part to be a good steward of our natural resources. The Aluminum, Cardboard, Plastic, and Glass will all be separated and delivered to our partner recyclers. You can do this, and we can help. We are open to receive products from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Some companies require customers to group products by the manufacturer so that they can process products under different manufacturer contracts. We are oriented to process by container type, and you do not need an appointment to deliver.